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New Storyline Creation

Create and save a Storyline from scratch

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Storylines are what we call our easy-to-build, QR-enabled pages. Create a new Storyline by following along with the tutorial below:

1. Navigate to in the "My Storylines" section.

2. Click "New Storyline" to get started.

Storyline pages section showing detail of creating a new page

*Storylines can also be created from a pre-populated template.

3. Click "Add module" to begin creating your Storyline.

Page builder detail of adding a module to a new page

4. Click on any module from the Module Library to add it to your Storyline. These are the building blocks of your page.

Module library detail of selecting a header module

5. Don't forget to give your Storyline a name by updating the title field at the top of the page.

Page builder detail of changing the page name

6. Click "Save"

Page builder detail of saving a page

*Note, unnamed / unsaved Storylines are deleted if you close your window. Be sure to save your project.

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