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Analytics Definitions
Analytics Definitions

Understand the metrics of the Analytics section

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We'll use the below screenshot as an example. In the Analytics area of the platform, we see eight metrics:

Analytics dashboard overview section

Views: Total number of views of the Storyline. [In the screenshot, this value is 24].

Clicks: Total number of clicks, both internal and external. [13]

Click Thru Rate (CTR): Calculated metric --> (External Clicks / Views) x 100 [56%]

Conversions: Email capture || Note: This is available through the Email Capture Pop-Up integration in our Premium plans. [4]

Unique Users: Total number of unique users who have viewed the storyline [9]

Engagement Rate: (Engaged Session / Total Sessions) x 100 [53%]

  • Engaged Session = Session that last longer than 10 seconds OR a conversion event OR 2+ page views

Average Engagement Time: Calculated metric --> Total User Engagement Duration / Total Active Users [56 seconds]

  • Time spent with the page in the foreground. Note: A session times out after 30 minutes of no activity

Returning Users: Total number of users who have initiated at least one previous session [3]

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