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Create a QR Code

How to create and set up a QR code.

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Learn how to create a QR code, connect it to a URL or Storyline, and designate whether it is active or inactive by following the steps below:

2. Click "New QR Code"

QR code section showing the "new QR code" button

3. Start by giving your QR code a name.

In QR settings panel adding a name

4. Click "URL Link" if you would like to direct users to a non-Storyline URL.

QR settings panel selecting Storyline / URL toggle

5. Enter the destination URL in the designated field.

QR settings panel adding a URL

6. Click "Storyline" to link your QR code to an existing Storyline.

QR settings panel selecting a Storyline as the redirect link

7. Select your desired Storyline from the drop-down menu or start typing its name for easy filtering.

QR code settings panel showing how to choose a Storyline from your account

A Storyline can be assigned to multiple QR codes. If you decide to do this, you will need to designate one as the Primary QR code.

8. Click the "Active" field to make your QR code live.

QR settings panel toggling the active setting

Users on the free plan have access to one active QR code to the destination (URL or Storyline) of their choice. Inactive codes will automatically default to a company website.

Upgrade to Premium to gain access to unlimited active QR codes!

9. Click "Create" when you are finished.

QR code settings panel showing the create button to save


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