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Get to know the different sections of the reporting dashboard

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The Analytics reporting dashboard features four main sections. Get to know each one in detail below:

1. Navigate to - the Analytics tab in the main navigation.

2. Click the "Select storyline" field to choose which Storyline to view. You can also start typing the name for easy filtering.

Analytics section detail of page list pulldown menu

3. Select your time period from the drop-down menu.

Analytics section detail of selecting a time period

4. The Overview tab shows an at-a-glance view of key engagement metrics. You can click each section to reveal a detailed graph over the time filter selected.

Analytics section showing detail of overview

Users on the free plan only get access to "Views". Upgrade your plan to unlock the rest of the Analytics.

In the upgraded plan, you'll see data like Clicks, Unique Users, and Conversions. A Conversion in the Digiphy platform is an email capture from the Email capture pop-up integration.

5. The "Engagement Insights" tab shows a module-by-module breakdown of your Storyline with the number of clicks and views to help analyze how each piece of content is performing. You can also see if there is an increase or decrease in engagement based on your time filter.

Analytics showing detail of engagement insights

6. The "QR Codes" tab shows the QR codes associated with your selected Storyline. You can see total scans broken down by days of the week, and hours of the day. You can also see if there is an increase or decrease based on the time filter selected.

Analytics showing detail of qr codes section

7. Lastly, the "Demographics" tab shows information about who is viewing your Storylines. This is based on users viewing your Storylines (pages loaded) and will show device, gender, location, returning users and audience insights.

Audience demographics will start to populate when enough traffic has been reached by section. It's ordered by metrics that arrive soonest, for example 'User Location". The metric that takes the most traffic to show results is "Audience Insights" and usually requires hundreds of unique views to present info.

Analytics showing detail of demographics section

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